How To Make Work Suck Less – Episode 2

Hey, look at me, sticking to a writing series! This series is incredibly easy to stick with because it’s something I actually do on a weekly basis. This one includes plenty of podcasts, so I apologize if that’s not really your thing. I, however, am into podcasts, big time.

With that, let’s hop into this weeks episode.


Like I said, this episode is mainly focused on podcasts. Even if you don’t normally listen to podcasts, I suggest you skim through some featured ones on iTunes, because there are infinite genres and you’re bound to find something you like.


  • The podcast Astonishing Legends is one I’ve been obsessed with lately. I am a huge fan of myths, legends, supernatural and paranormal stories. This podcast focuses on just that. Some podcasts include the hosts, Scott Philbrook and Forrest Burgess, discussing stories they’ve researched themselves, and some feature guests talking about personal incidents they experienced. It’s insanely entertaining and great for work. I focus more on the interesting stories than the annoying work to be done, which may be a bad thing. Regardless, be sure to check out their website to get more information on them and see some pictures that coincide with their podcasts.
  • Another podcast I’ve been listening to lately is Chris Hardwick’s Nerdist podcast. I don’t know much about Chris but my girlfriend absolutely loves him, and after listening to a few of his podcasts, I can see why. He’s such a sweet person and he has real conversations with his guests, which I love. I recently listened to his podcast with Cameron Esposito, a hilarious stand up comedian. Cameron has her own podcast as well (which I have yet to listen to, unfortunately), that her fiance Rhea Butcher, another comedian, features on. Nerdist constantly has very funny, interesting and famous guests and I recommend you check it out.
  • Ok, last podcast I swear! Lena Dunham, who I wrote about on episode 1 of How To Make Work Suck Less, now has her own podcast. She’s too accessible! Her podcast is cleverly titled Women of the Hour With Lena Dunham, and if you know anything about me, you’d know that I’m very excited. Lena released a preview episode discussing what’s to come on the podcast (including an episode with the wonderful Emma Stone) that got me very, very excited. Unfortunately, the podcast debuts on November 3rd. A short wait, but still a wait. You can subscribe to her podcast here and be sure to not miss it.
  • I’ve been listening to the singer Banks for a bit now but I’ve recently become obsessed with her again. The great thing about Banks is that she has a powerful voice but she’s actually really shy and quiet. I like shy, quiet people because I relate, that’s me to the core. I adore her episode of Tiny Desk Concerts and I’ve been listening to it on repeat. You can listen to that episode, along with others, at their Youtube channel here.
  • Finally, I’ve realized that if you bring an appetizing, healthy, delicious lunch, your attitude at work vastly improves. I don’t know about you, but lunch time at work is the one time I get to say “this is my time, I don’t care about you.” I either make my lunch or just pull out something already made, sit down and focus on myself, a.k.a., I take a bunch of Buzzfeed quizzes. If you eat something that makes your insides feel good, your brain will feel good. Next week, try spending some extra time in the morning to pack some sandwich ingredients to take to work, it’ll make you feel way better than that McDonald’s burger. Trust me.

Ok, that’s it for this week’s episode. Again, I apologize if you don’t dig podcasts. Next week I’ll try to include other things as well. I hope you enjoyed this episode.

Happy working!


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